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Dirk Blondeel

Press release: The House of Marketing and Quanteus join forces for a better future

In the past months, the management of The House of Marketing has been taking some important initiatives to better prepare the company for the future. We are now very happy to inform you that Quanteus has acquired the activities of The House of Marketing. Together with Quanteus, we are convinced that we will be able …

Friday, 18th Apr '14 by Dirk Blondeel
Céline Van Gansbeke

Is real-time marketing only about cookies?

I don’t think so. According to me, real-time marketing is not just about tweeting during important events; it is about finding ways to engage with people by discussing topics that are relevant to them in real-time. But let’s begin at the beginning… Real-time marketing made its first important appearance with Oreo and, until now, has …

Friday, 14th Feb '14 by Céline Van Gansbeke
Paulien Peeters

How to keep your customers? The difference between customer retention and loyalty

In today’s competitive market in which customers switch swiftly between brands, concepts like customer retention and loyalty keep marketers and salesmen awake at night. However, before defining marketing strategies that will increase customer lifetime, you need to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Is it a retention strategy that will enable you to …

Thursday, 6th Feb '14 by Paulien Peeters
Valerie Vos

Climbing the stairway to success… through consumer irritation?

These turbulent times of economic recession force companies to reinvent their business and to stand out from the competition. Remarkably, it seems that a lot of companies seek the Holy Grail in consumer irritation. Communicating every message everywhere at every time is the new strategy of marketers who only try to generate sales at the …

Friday, 31st Jan '14 by Valerie Vos

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